Enfield Scorpions Basketball Club

Enfield Scorpions is a club founded by Perry Lawson former GB International and London Lions guard. The club is built on hard work, dedication and discipline; values which resonate throughout.

Perry Lawson

Our paramount aim is to pass these values onto the young people within the club, in order to build positive role models within their local communities.

Enfield Scorpions aims to create new opportunities for young people in the way of coaching, reffing and table officiating; making the club self sufficient and built with people from the local community.

83 thoughts on “Enfield Scorpions Basketball Club

  1. Hello, I am trying to find a club for my son to join. We live in Enfield and he is 11 and has a strong passion for basketball, practicing a lot of the time on his own. Do you run sessions for his age group with the club?


    • Hi Dorothy. Sorry for the late reply, I didn’t get notification of your message. We have sessions on a Thursday 6-7.30pm at Oasis Hadley school in Ponders end, EN3 4PX. the cost is £4 per session if you are still looking for a team for your son to train with.


  2. Hi. My 10 year is interested in trying basketball. Is the right session for him Thursday 6-7.30pm at Oasis Hadley and can he just turn up this Thursday?


  3. Hi there i would like bring my son for training basketball he will be 12 years old this agust which days do you have lessons, what time, at where and whats the cost daily or monthly if you can give me a some details pls thanks


  4. Hi, my son is 13 years old and would like to play basketball, he has a passion for it. Could you please let me know at what time is the session for his age? many thanks, Stella


  5. Hi My son is 13 years of age. He loves basketball and wants to find a place where he can be taught to play properly. I see from your messages above you used to hold Thursday lessons us this still on and would we be able to come along tomorrow, 12 September 2019? Please can you get back to me as soon as possible please. Sorry I have just found you online.


  6. Hiya,

    I’ve read and seen that you have sessions on Thursdays. What’s the youngest you work with. I have twin boys who are 7yrs. Are they too young to join in?


  7. Hi there, my 13 year old child wants to Join your club and I heard there are session during Thursdays which is perfect for him as he doesn’t have his academic learning on that day.


  8. Hi there I tried to call you guys yesterday and today but no one picks up the line is there any chance you guys might have given me a wrong
    number by mistake.


  9. Hi. My name is Berk. I’m 16 and i playing basketball for 9 years and 7months. I came to london new, and i’m trying to find a club to improve my self and after that i want to play at a professionel club. Is there any place for me? And how much lessons u have in a week? (My height is:5.45 and my stone is:10.25 position:PG) I want to play at ur club.


  10. Hello,

    I have my Godson that wishes to join your team to train and learn more about basketball. He is 11yrs old and will be 12yrs old in August. Do you still have spaces for him to train with the team and is there a form for us to complete prior to joining?

    Whats the cost per session for joining?
    How often are the training sessions?
    Where are they held?
    Wha’s the time and duration of the training?



  11. Hi, my son would like to join a team and he is 14 years old.Is there any space in the team for him to join and is it open during this period?


    • Hi. We have 2 sessions this week then a 2 week break for summer. Would be great if you can bring him down to join in this week before the break. If you can text 07706188413 we can give you the session details


  12. Good evening,
    Im a 16 year old looking to join a team, me and my brother has trained with frenford falcons and Kent panthers and are wondering if you have any upcoming trials?


  13. Hi
    My son is 13 years old and very much interested in playing and learning basket ball, please let me know what days are available gor him?


    • Hi. Our u16’s is thursdays at 6-7.30pm. We train at oasis academy Hadley, EN3 4PX. And it’s £4 per session. He’s welcome to come along this Thursday. Please note, this is the last week we are open for new starters as our numbers are high. So if he’s interested he will need to come this Thursday. After that date we would have to direct him to our other club for training. Many thanks


  14. Hi There,

    My son’s are 11 & 14, and we are looking for a basketball team. I understand everything that is going on with lockdown there maybe limited spaces but if there is something available can you please let me know what time and days are available for them.

    Thanks Rani


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